Ultra light Plastic Poker Cards Paper Material

Ultra light Plastic Poker Cards Paper Material

Digital printing ultra-light playing card paper material factory price,Family Party indoor games poker cards


Color:1 color

Min Order:10

Product Weight:76

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This is a narrow paper poker, its size is 88*58mm, and the weight of each deck is very light, only about 76g. Its outer packaging adopts our own design, mostly in red tone, and our logo is printed on it, if you need to customize, then you can directly change the logo on it.

It has strong bending resistance and durability, even if you curl it occasionally, it will not be easily damaged. In the case of bending, he only needs to press lightly on the opposite side of the bend, and he can reduce the large bend. But if it is a folded card, because it is a paper material, the fibers on the surface of the folded card will be damaged. Such damage is irreversible for the card, so it cannot be repaired.

The back of the inner card is designed with a red check pattern and a white border, which is convenient for grabbing the card face during the game and can also be easily identified. The design of narrow cards makes it suitable for more groups, reducing the situation that it is impossible to win all the cards because the hands are too small.


Q: Can it be customized? I want to design my own playing cards.

A: Yes, we accept customization, the minimum order quantity for customization is 1000 pairs, you can buy samples to check the quality, and then place a large order.

Q: What is the customization process like?

A: First of all, we need to determine the size and quantity you want. According to your size, we will recommend you the style that corresponds to the size you need. After confirming, you can get a quotation for the product. After you confirm the quotation, you can send us your design, or tell us your ideas, and our designers will help you complete the design. After confirming the design, you can start the production by paying the advance payment. After the production is completed, pay the balance, and we will mail all the products for you. Finally, wait for the delivery of the package and sign for the package.



Name Plastic Poker Cards
Size 88*58mm
Weight 76 gram
Color 1 colors
included 54pcs Poker Card in a deck

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