Texas Luxury Poker Gambling Wooden Table

Texas Luxury Poker Gambling Wooden Table

Unlimited Texas luxury poker table, gambling table for 10 players, customizable.


Product Origin:China

Color:24 colors

Goods Stock:99999

Product Weight:18000

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This German gambling poker table has 10 positions and can accommodate 10 players and 1 croupier. The size of the poker table is 260*140*81cm, with a large space and a drink cup holder. The outer ring of the desktop is a leather track, which brings a comfortable touch to the player. Desktop wallpapers can be customized, printed or changed in design.

You can enjoy the game with your friends, it is made of wood and leather materials, it is sturdy and stable, and it is not easy to be damaged. The leather edging can prevent the cards from slipping off, and it can also prevent the collision during the game. There is a chip tray at the dealer’s position where chips can be placed, and a cash box with a lock to keep cash.

There are also drink holders at each location to reduce the probability of water overturning during the game and affect the game experience. The wooden legs are sturdy enough to keep the table from moving even if you like to rest your arms on the table during gaming sessions. The desktop can be customized, you can design it to any shape and size you want, and the table mat can also be matched with different patterns.


Our drink holder is a brand-new upgraded design, not only a “coaster”, but a certain depth, it will no longer fall easily, and there is a certain block. There’s also plenty of space between each player, so even ten players playing at the same time is spacious rather than feeling crowded.

This professional table can provide you with a comfortable gaming experience. If you are interested in this table or other products, please inquire. In addition, we have many different styles and specifications of poker tables, each of which can be customized, please contact us if you need it.



  • Large space, soft and beautiful
  • 10 cup holders, can hold 10 people
  • Square design, beautiful and practical
  • High-quality leather material with delicate texture



brand Chiayi
name Texas Luxury Poker Gambling Wooden Table
Material MDF+flannel+wooden leg
Number of colors Weight 100-180kg/piece
Approximate size 260*140*81cm

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