Texas Hold’em Oval ALL IN Button

Texas Hold’em Oval ALL IN Button

About 60 gram Acrylic oval Double-sided ALL IN button. Used for poker games and game night.


Product Origin:China

Color:1 color

Min Order:10

Product Weight:100

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This is a high-quality ALL-IN accessory, dedicated to Texas Hold’em games. it is all in button made of acrylic material. Both sides are engraved with the word ALL-IN and with different colors, which is well-made and perfect workmanship. It is an indispensable accessory for your game table.

This poker accessory has different colors on the front and back and clear lettering, making it the perfect accessory for your poker nights and giving you a great gaming experience.

All in is an aggressive play and tactic in poker, and it is also dangerous. But the greater the risk, the greater the reward. To be a good player, you must master the scale of All in.

First of all, don’t always get good hands before all in, although only in this case will all in not lose, but in this way your opponent can easily know your cards and fold immediately , so you’ll have little gain.

Second, active all ins will confuse opponents more than following all ins. Active all in has two purposes, one is the showdown ratio, and the other is to force teammates to fold to win. The only way to win by following the opponent all in is to compare the size.

Third, the more chips in hand, the easier it is to all in. Because even if you lose this game, you will only lose a small part of your chips, and your opponent will be out of the game if they want to lose.Your opponent also understands this truth and will naturally choose carefully. So when you have a lot of chips in your hand, a proper all in can make you faster from clearing the table. Conversely, be cautious when you have low stacks.

Finally, when the chips are relatively small, you must be all in when you get a good card. In this case, all in , the opponent is very likely to call, which means that you have a high probability of getting several times the current chips.



  • Fine workmanship
  • Beautiful and exquisite
  • double-sided for multiple function



Brand Jiayi
Name Acrylic ALL-IN
Color Red and white double-sided
Material Acrylic
size 90mm*60mm10mm
Weight Almost 100g



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