Standard Sublimation Printing Ceramic Poker Chips

Standard Sublimation Printing Ceramic Poker Chips

10g/pc Custom Casino Ceramic Poker Chips. Professional casino poker chips.For customization.

Product Origin:China

Color:13 colors

Goods Stock:99999

Min Order:10

Product Weight:11.5

Lead Time:10-25days

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These ceramic poker chips are a full 10 grams, giving them the real weight and feel of real casino poker chips. The quality of these chips is amazing! Around the edge is a white stripe with traditional colors, different for each denomination. The rounded and smooth edges, as well as the smooth finish of these chips, these are elegant chips!

This poker chip has thirteen colors, which correspond to thirteen different denominations. You can choose the number of denominations you need, and I believe this will definitely improve your experience with the chips. The edges are white and white stripes, which are very simple. The large font design of the denomination in the middle part can help you identify its denomination faster during the game.

We also accept customization. If you need this service, then you can send us your design drawings or logos. If you don’t have these things, then you can also let me know the needs. We have our own designers to do it. Design, I believe you will have a good customer experience.


Q:Do you guys have frosted chips?

A:Yes, we have the matte textured chip, which is part of our high-end range. If you need a frosted feel, please specify before negotiation. You can also customize products with a frosted feel.

Q: What is the difference between ceramic material and other materials?

A:The ceramic material feels better, and any pattern can be customized, allowing you to have a better gaming experience, but it is more expensive in price. The chips made of clay and abs are relatively cheap. On the product itself, these two are combined with stickers. The middle part can be customized with any pattern of stickers, and the edge part cannot be changed.

Q:What is the price of your chips and what is the MOQ?

A:The MOQ of our chips in stock starts from 100pcs, and the MOQ for customized chips starts from 300pcs.

Different styles and materials have different prices, and different quantities are also different prices. The larger the quantity, the cheaper the unit price, so if you want to know the price, please send me a link or picture, and a design drawing is also required for customization.


  • Smooth finished poker chip edge
  • Welcome custom design and logo
  • Different poker chip color available
  • Customized poker chip mold acceptable



Brand Jiayi
Name Ceramic Poker Chips
Material Ceramic
Denomination 13 kinds of Denomination(1,5,10,20,25,50,100,200,500,1000,2000,5000,10000)
Size 39 MM x 3.3 MM
Weight 10g/pcs

We also support customize poker chip , pls contact us for detail information if you are intersted in it.

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