PU Poker Chips Container Casino Leather Suitcase

PU Poker Chips Container Casino Leather Suitcase

200/300/500pcs PU Poker Chips Container Professional Texas Poker Chip Sets Leather Suitcase Casino Game Accessory Case High Quality


Product Origin:China

Color:1 color

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This leather case has metal locks and anti-collision metal corners. The exterior design is simple and atmospheric, with a stylish retro feel. The brown leather box has a luxurious texture and is suitable for portable use. Each box is equipped with a key and a lock. We have boxes of different sizes that can hold 200, 300 and 500 chips.

In addition to placing chips in the opened box, there are three empty slots in the middle for two decks of playing cards, some dice and several bankers.

Such a chip box can keep your poker game accessories together, close the chip box when you don’t need to use it, you can keep your chips from dust and dirt, and when you need to use the chips, you don’t need to spend extra time to clean up the dirty chips.

In addition, the existence of the chip box also brings great convenience to your travel entertainment, and removes the restrictions on the location of poker games. You can bring it when you are outdoors camping or even traveling with your friends. We can start a game of poker anytime, anywhere.

The cover part of the chip box has a protective pad, its existence can protect your chips when you go out with the chip box, and at the same time, when you lift it with the handle of the chip box, it can prevent the chips and items inside from sliding around and holding it. cleanliness of the interior

The box is made of three materials of wood, leather and metal lock, without any patterns and patterns. If you need a custom special chip case, we can use laser technology to place a logo or blueprint on the outside of the aluminum chip carry case. If you have purchase or customization needs, please contact us.





  • Metal base, scratch-resistant leather
  • Metal lock and strong and good-looking
  • Contains key and lock
  • Different size for choose
  • Exquisite interior and fine workmanship


Brand Jiayi
Name PU Poker Chips Container Casino Leather Suitcase
Color Silver/black
Material Wood+Leather+Metal Button
size Size for 200pcs:31*6.5*20cm

Size for 300pcs:40*6.5*20cm

Size for 500pcs:57.5*6.5*20cm

Weight about 1.75/1.95/3.25kg


Please note the pictures for reference only.

Leather suitcase containsNOpoker chips, playing cards or dices.

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