Professional Magnetic Plastic Target Dart Dartboard

Professional Magnetic Plastic Target Dart Dartboard

17” Professional  Adult Magnetic Plastic Target Dart Dartboard.High Quality Magnetic Dart Set.



Product Origin:China

Color:1 color

Product Weight:500

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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Our double-sided magnetic dart set is made of high-quality materials with strong and durable magnets. When your dart hits the dart board, it is strong enough to prevent it from falling. It can also make the dart fly accurately to achieve the best dart performance. It is well worth having it and having a great time with friends and family in a fun way.

Darts is a sport with high compatibility. The gameplay is simple and easy to learn. Even children with very little strength can learn it because it does not require too much effort. In daily life, darts as entertainment are very common, and darts can be placed in the bedroom, living room or an open place.

The rules of darts as a sport are also very simple. The top of the target is divided into 1-20 points, the center of the small circle is the 50th division, and the edge is the 25th division. The fan-shaped area covered by the two thick circle lines is the double and triple divisions for points 1-20. It is important to say double and triple divisions in the game, hitting the 50 division is even more difficult. The international five-point darts promotion rule is that each player throws three bids in a round, and the scores of the shots are subtracted in turn. When the scores are reduced, whoever uses the fewest darts is the winner. However, the premise of this rule is that the last dart must end in a double division, and if the final score is calculated or the bid is wrong, the deduction of more than five points is also considered a failure.

Therefore, darts is a gentleman’s sport that integrates competition, fitness and entertainment. It is a physical sport that can prevent office diseases. Throwing requires rhythmic aiming and relaxation of the eyes, which can relieve the fatigue of the eye muscles and adjust the balance of the left and right brains.




  • Convenient to carry and easy-fixing at home, office, or clubs.
  • High quailty, the best choice for exercise.
  • It’s huge and durable.


Brand Jiayi
Name Dartboard Board
Color Black
Material paperboard+plastic
size 41.6*41.6*2.5cm

1.Provide OEM custom service
2.your own logo and design can be made
3.Any color and sizes can be custom depend on your request


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