Professional Gambling Table Can Be Customized

Professional Gambling Table Can Be Customized

Texas Hold’em Baccarat Square Table , 260*140 cm high quality professional gaming table


Product Origin:China

Color:3 colors

Goods Stock:99999

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This casino-quality poker table can seat up to ten players at a time. Its size is 260*140*80cm, and the available position for each player is also very large, if this is not the size you want, then you can customize the size you want. There are also cup holders assigned to each position. Even with ten players playing at the same time, the seats are not crowded, allowing you to enjoy a casino-like experience.

There is a circle of leather edging on the desktop, which can bring you a comfortable touch when you are gaming, and the edging design can also block desktop items and prevent items from slipping.

The tablecloth of the casino table top is customizable. By customizing, you can print your own design or logo on it.

The legs of the poker table are also made of metal, which is not easy to damage. They are also heavy-duty and won’t collapse or tip over easily. It is also customizable if needed.

The metal cup holder allows you to put the cup while gaming, and it is also a detachable design. The desktop is still waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilled water or drinks that can’t be cleaned. There is also a chip rack and a cash box on the dealer’s position, which can store the chip rack and banknotes and keep the table top clean.

We also have gaming table chairs in different styles, please let me know if you need them, and we can also sell them in sets, saving you the time of finding chairs yourself.

And we also sell chips, playing cards, mahjong and other accessories, all of which can be customized. If you choose a spot product, it can be mailed for you at the same time as the table.

This professional table can provide you with a comfortable gaming experience. If you are interested in this, please feel free to consult us.


  • 10 cup holders, can hold 10 people
  • Large space, soft and beautiful
  • High-quality leather material with delicate texture
  • Square design, beautiful and practical


brand Chiayi
name Texas Hold’em Professional Gambling Table Can Be Customized
Material MDF+flannel+wooden leg
Number of colors Weight 100-180kg/piece
Size approximately 260*140*81cm


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