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Recently, our store has a new product, which includes poker tables, poker table mats and some board games. Welcome to visit the store to buy.

The top of the poker table is the pattern used for the blackjack table, which can hold up to eight players including the dealer, but you can also use it for other poker games. The semi-circular shape and the unique foldable design allow it to be stored well. When it’s not in use, you can fold its legs and place its longer flat surface on the floor and it’ll be sturdy without taking up too much space.

The poker table mat is 1.8*0.9m in size, which can accommodate more players. Each one is made of waterproof material, easy to clean when exposed to water, and a storage bag will be provided, which can help the table mat to isolate dust well, allowing players to have a better gaming experience when gaming.

8 Player Square Poker Table

Board games include Chinese chess, mahjong and magnetic darts. Chinese chess is a confrontational game, which can invisibly improve players’ thinking ability in complex chess games. The pieces in chess also contain magnetism, which can prevent the pieces from falling during the game. After the game is over, the pieces can be stored in the inner space of the chessboard to prevent dust and the loss of the pieces.

Mahjong is also an interesting game. Its portable size design makes it convenient for you to take it to your travels, adding some different fun to your journey, and you can play with your friends.

The game of darts is simple and common in daily life. Even children can easily master its gameplay. It is also a sport that combines sports and entertainment.

Dart Board

There are so many games that are beneficial to physical and mental health, come and participate in the purchase, the more the quantity, the better the price.

Post time: Aug-30-2022
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