Factory live

Recently, the factory live broadcast that we have been planning for a long time has finally been put on the agenda. As an integrated factory and trade company, we have always been the same as a traditional trading company, only showing the advantages of import and export to customers, but not showing too much to customers in terms of production research and development, price advantage and technology. Through this live broadcast, we hope that we can weaken our ability in trade, and show our factory advantages to the customer group to a certain extent, so as to gain more attention and understanding.


Therefore, in this live broadcast, we did not explain more about the trade department, but focused more on the inside of the factory. For example, the display of production steps such as packaging, production, etc., also hopes that more people can see us, and at the same time, more people can understand what we are doing, understand the process and method of production, and have a certain understanding of us.

Our company, which integrates industry and trade, can guarantee more profits to customers, so that customers can buy high-quality products at more favorable prices. In addition, because it is the internal communication between employees, the processing will be more timely, and customer feedback and ideas can be reflected to the factory in a timely manner. Compared with a simple trading company, it can save time and improve production efficiency. , allowing customers to receive products faster.


I will leave the live video here, if you are interested in us, please contact us.


In addition, if you want to come to our factory for inspection, we are also very welcome, also contact us in advance, we will help you arrange time, please contact:

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Post time: Aug-20-2022
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