Breaking news!!

Good news, good news, in order to thank our customers for their order support and to expand our business scale, our company has decided to deliver a small number of products to Amazon warehouses in Canada and the United States. This part of the product is used as a sample, and also to allow small batch buyers to buy our products, and it also means that now you can receive your goods in less time.

Canada has three-color crown chip suits and two-color poker tables. In the chip suits in the Canadian warehouse, although the face value and color of the chips are not available, the face value of the suits are all common on the market. The suits also include two ordinary playing cards, big and small blinds, and the dealer’s suit and six dice. With just this one set, you can have a great poker night.

The variety of American warehouses is relatively more comprehensive, including three-color crown chips, with denominations of one, five, ten, twenty-five, fifty, one hundred, five hundred, and one thousand chips, each set of fifty, undivided . Can be arbitrarily matched according to your needs. In addition to these, there are 1.2M and 1.8M poker table mats and different styles of playing cards, dealer suits and big and small blind plus dealer suits, if you are interested in these, please consult us.