Cart Classic Plastic Poker Cards

Cart Classic Plastic Poker Cards

Texas Holdem Plastic Poker Cards PHigh Quality Custom Printing. Full Color PrintingWaterproof Plastic Playing Cards


Color:2 color

Min Order:5

Product Weight:145

Shipping Port:China

Lead Time:10-25days

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This plastic playing card has a smooth surface and feel, waterproof, washable and anti-curling. The size is 65mm*92mm, which is slightly larger than ordinary standard poker. It is a relatively large size and can be easily shuffled and cut. It is very suitable for high-quality and cost-effective users who are just starting to learn the game or who do not need other brands of plastic playing cards. A deck of 54 playing cards and 4 wild cards comes in a colorful protective case. There are 10 styles in total, each of which is fashionable and colorful.

In the early days, the number of poker cards varied from country to country. Italy had 78 cards, Germany had 32 cards, Spain had 40 cards, and France had 52 cards. The international poker is based on the number of French poker cards plus the big and small ghosts, a total of 54 cards. Later, according to the calendar in astronomy, Westerners unified the content, suit and fixed number of playing cards.

The unified poker according to the astronomical calendar is also the epitome of the calendar. Among the 54 cards, the two deck cards represent the sun and the moon respectively, the remaining 52 cards represent the 52 weeks of the year, and the spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs represent the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The red cards represent day and the black cards represent night. The number of cards in each suit is 13 cards representing the 13 weeks of each quarter. The point of 52 cards is 364, plus the little devil is 365, representing 365 days in a year, plus the big devil, it represents 366 days in a leap year. There are a total of 12 cards of K, Q and J in playing cards, which not only represent 12 months in a year, but also represent that the sun passes through 12 constellations in a year.






  • Made of 100% PVC  plastic. Three layers of imported PVC plastic.Thick , flexible, and quick rebound.
  • Waterproof, washable, anti-curl and anti-fading.
  • Durable and non-fuzz.
  • Suitbale for prepare a card show.



Brand Jiayi
Name Cart Classic Plastic Poker Cards
Size 65*91mm
Weight 150gram
Color 2 colors
included 54pcs Poker Card in a deck

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