Acrylic Poker Dealer Button Texas Hold’em

Acrylic Poker Dealer Button Texas Hold’em

Big Round Daler for poker game. Casino poker card dealer button.

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This Dealer is made of black acrylic. The word Dealer is engraved in the middle of the two sides using an engraving technique. On one side are yellow letters, and on the other side are black letters on a yellow background. A circle of yellow on both sides of Dealer makes the whole design more complete. The size of 71x20mm is thick enough to make it feel good in the hand. It weighs about 100 grams and is easy to pick up and remove.
Dealer is important for Texas games? Let me explain.Randomly determine a player as the dealer, also known as the button bit. The first player in the left hand of the dealer is small blind (sb), and the second player in the left hand is big blind (BB). The amount of small blindness and large blindness is determined by the game player at the beginning. The number of large blindness is twice that of small blindness. Small blind and large blind players first give blind notes, and then deal cards.
If the dealer is in the game Bureau (offline friends' Entertainment Bureau), the dealer usually takes the place of the dealer in the first game. The dealer first deals to the little blind, then to the big blind, turns around and finally deals to the dealer himself. Therefore, we can often see that the dealer thinks he is the starting dealer in the offline friend Entertainment Bureau, but in fact, there are differences.
If the dealer is not in the game board, but only plays the role of washing hair and urging players to follow the rules of the game, the dealer's right hand is usually the button position of the dealer in the first game, and the dealer sign is placed in front of the dealer to start the game. The strict order of licensing is: first, the small blind, then the big blind, and finally the dealer. To ensure the fairness of the game position, the button position will be rotated clockwise after each game, so the position of the small blind and the large blind will also change.


  • Acrylic peach heart pokerstars design
  • Thick and smooth touching
  • Engraving technique make it good looking
  • Big size for professinal game


Brand Jiayi
Name Acrylic Poker Dealer Button Texas Hold'em
Color balck and yellow
Weight 100gram
size 71x20mm
Acrylic Poker Dealer Button Texas Hold'em4

Texas Hold’em accessories
Acrylic, double-dealer
Black front and back

Acrylic Poker Dealer Button Texas Hold'em3

Acrylic material
Fine workmanship
Gool feel, about 100g

Acrylic Poker Dealer Button Texas Hold'em2

Black acrylic double-sided Dealer

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