ABS Bronzing Poker Chips

ABS Bronzing Poker Chips

11.5g/pc ABS Gilding Dice Poker Chips. 12 kinds of denomination ,High quality professional casino poker chips, can be customized.

Product Origin:China

Color:12 colors

Goods Stock:99999

Min Order:10

Product Weight:11.5

Lead Time:10-25days

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This ABS Plastic Chip Chip is 40mm in diameter and weighs 10 grams, This ABS chip set comes in 12 different colors and denominations which makes it perfect no matter what limits you are playing. They are sure to keep the party popping, and each player that has them jamming all night long.

Fun to play, suitable for family game nights, poker nights, blackjack, roulette and game nights and moreWorks with any game.

The denomination of this Poker Chip is the bronzing process used. The hot stamping process utilizes the principle of thermal transfer. Its basic process is the pressure state, that is, when the anodized aluminum is pressed by the hot stamping plate and the substrate, the aluminum layer and the anodized aluminum base film are peeled off and transferred to the substrate at the same time. superior. After rapid cooling and solidification, the aluminum layer is firmly attached to the substrate, completing a hot stamping process.

There are two main functions of the bronzing process chip. One is the combination of bronzing and other processes, which can better display the strong decorative effect of the product.Another is to improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of the product, such as the use of hot stamping process to stamp the trademark logo and so on.


Q How these chips are packaged?

A Every twenty-five pieces are plastic-sealed and placed in a shock-absorbing foam box.

Q Can I confirm the quality of the chips?

A  Yes, before ordering large batches, we can send you samples for you to check the quality.

Q:  Does this chip have numbers on it?

A Yes, it is a hot stamping technology using thermal transfer technology, so the numbers are golden.

Q Can I track my order?

A Yes. After the order is placed, you will be able to query the trackable logistics information.



  • More than 10 years experience on OEM custom service
  • 20 years in material weaving
  • More than 3000 sample for all over the world customers
  • Good quality and service
Brand Jiayi
Name ABS Poker Chip
Material ABS composite with inner metal
Face Value 12 kinds of denomination   (1/2/5/10/20/25/50/100/500/1000/5000/10000)
Size 40 MM x 3.3 MM
Weight 11.5g/pcs
  • Competitive price and Brand standards
  • Delivery date guarantee



We also support customize poker chip , pls contact us for detail information if you are intersted in it.1 2 3 4 5

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