24k Gold PVC Plastic Playing Cards.

24k Gold PVC Plastic Playing Cards.

High quality PVC waterproof material playing cards. Professional playing card Casino Quality Plastic Paper Poker Playing Game Card.


Product Origin:China

Color:6 colors

Goods Stock:9999

Min Order:2

Product Weight:135

Lead Time:10-25days

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This Golden Plastic Cards is made of gold foil and plastics, which is very luxurious. It is suitble for both card game and gift. We offer a set of 6 style with diferent design. The outside box is also golden box and looks beautiful. The size is 57*87mm and 1 deck include 54pcs cards.

It can be used for playing cards and entertainment. It has a fine and matte feel. The surface of the card is pressed with fine embossed points, and the point is changed from the surface to reduce the resistance and form a smooth air layer. Each one is made of black core paper three-layer structure pvc material, which is thick to get started, quick rebound after bending, waterproof and wear-resistant. Using environmentally friendly ink, accurate cutting, creating good quality, can provide players with a pleasant gaming experience.

There are six styles of this product, and they have certain differences on the back and packaging of the playing cards. They are the local tyrant gold lattice, the wavy back pattern, the local tyrant gold dollar, the local tyrant gold euro, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai color back pattern.High-quality playing cards can give you a great gaming experience and are a good choice as a gift.


Q:Is this card a card? Durable or not, I don’t want him to be disposable.

A:No, it is a plastic brand, very durable, definitely not a disposable product, it is made of pvc thickened material, waterproof and wear-resistant, giving you a good feeling of use

Q:Is the stain easy to clean?

A:Yes it’s easy to clean, you can wash your stains in water, it won’t spoil in water like a solitaire.

Q:It’s too expensive, can it be cheaper?

A:Of course, it depends on the quantity you need, the more you order, the cheaper the unit price.




Structure using PVC waterproof material

Easy to clean, not afraid of wet

Better flexibility :The card’s 180-degree bend can still quickly returnto its original state without leaving creasesor deformation

Each card is a black core three-layer

Brand Jiayi
Name Classic PVC Plastic Texas Playing Cards
Size 57mm*87mm
Weight 135gram
Color 6 colors
included 54pcs Poker Card in a deck

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